Matt Phillips & the Philharmonic is a soulful band that strives to make music people can get behind. After aging out of his high-school band, Cole Park, Matt Phillips continued his solo career into college at ECU. With folk and soul roots as deep as the cracks in his weathered acoustic, Matt has crafted his songwriting skills working alongside Django Haskins (International Orange, The Old Ceremony) and began pumping out songs known for their emotionality and loveable lyrics. After scoring an internship at Manifold Recording near his home in Chapel Hill, NC, Matt recorded his first EP with Manifold’s chief engineer, Ian Schreier.

Joining forces in the Fall 2011 with four other tall, handsome gentlemen from East Carolina University’s School of Music, Matt and the guys (Travis Huff, Connor Mangold, Greg Williams and Tre Harrison) have come together as Matt Phillips & The Philharmonic. The five-member, instrumentally flexible band lays out a sly-jazzy feel with soulful vocals and big-band era horn solos. Add that to the thump of feel-good baselines, tight drums, and the occasional harmonica solo, and you can’t help but bob your head. The band is currently raising money to record their first full-length album to be released in summer 2013.

With nearly 300 shows already under their belt and a solid EP paving their way, Matt Phillips & the Philharmonic combines stellar songwriting, soulful vocals, and a full ensemble of musicians into a unique band with a very bright future.

Photo by Mady Noel Tompkins

Photo by Mady Noel Tompkins

The Philharmonic Is:

Matt Phillips- Vocals/Guitar/Piano

Tre Harrison- Drums/Percussion

Travis Huff- Saxophone/Trombone

Gregory Williams- Lead Bass

Connor Mangold- Trumpet




Other musicians that play with us:

Daniel Fields- Guitar

Joe Macphail- Piano

Erich Coleman- Trombone