Professional SerVices


session musician (live & studio)

tour-ready guitar player. comfortable in in standard & open e tunings. electric, acoustic, baritone & bass. gear is fly-ready. passport in hand.

competent on backing vocals, drums & percussion

live prices from $100-300 per day/show

studio rates vary by location & gear requirements

($40-$80/hr, 2 hour minimum)

live references: judy blank, loamlands anne-claire niver, mic the prophet (now performing as jack willow jr.), the shakedown

studio references: brett scott (bnb audio), ian schreier (manifold recording), scott solter, charlie dhalke

Live SOund

Training on several Soundcraft & Midas consoles

Experience behind the board at The Station (Carrboro), The Pinhook (Durham), Cat’s Cradle Back Room (Carrboro)

On-Site Experience with Continuum Audio, GSF Productions, Sonic Pie Productions


gibson j45

daniel fields “matt strat“

daniel fields t-style baritone v1

pdp lx 5pc drum kit, sabian & zildjian cymbals